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Sustainable Development

Countryside Properties PLC (the Group) is a specialist development company recognised in particular for the creation of sustainable communities and regeneration. This involves land acquisition, planning and design, development and construction management, lettings and property sales. In undertaking some of these activities, the Group recognises that it has an impact on the environment.

The Group wishes to be acknowledged as an industry leader in its approach to care of the environment, in the execution of its developments and in its working practices. The Group’s objective is to ensure that development realises the desired financial returns whilst in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. To achieve this, The Group's vision, values and objectives are to:

  • Comply with all relevant social and environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • Exercise high levels of corporate governance across the Group.
  • Work towards continuous improvement by setting objectives and targets against which to review its progress.
  • Implement effective management systems to aid the achievement of its objectives.
  • Report its performance regularly to its key stakeholders.

The Group aims to achieve the following core goals in a cost-effective manner within the cornerstones of sustainability:

Achieving Environmental Improvement

  • Reduce the use of natural resources during the lifetime of the building through effective design, construction and providing advice to occupants on how to operate the building optimally.
  • Seek to build on sites with a previous use and protect biodiversity.
  • Consider the environmental and social impacts of construction materials throughout their lifecycle.
  • Prevent pollution and reduce waste, energy and water during construction activities.

Promoting Thriving Communities

  • Design developments which create a sense of community and social inclusion.
  • Seek to enhance quality of life and health and wellbeing through careful design.
  • Liaise with local communities during design and development, consider their needs and reduce any unavoidable disruption to them.
  • Provide employment for the local community.
  • Actively support educational initiatives in the community, schools and universities and provide work experience opportunities.
  • Continue to support local, regional and national charities.

Contributing to a Sustainable Economy

  • Continue to deliver quality and sustainable properties efficiently and profitably for the benefit of its customers and stakeholders.
  • Manage its supply chain to ensure that through proactive engagement it will promote sustainability and ethical procurement.
  • Consider the potential impact of its developments on the local economy of the area.

Ensuring Employee Welfare and Development

  • Develop and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff and third parties.
  • Ensure all employees are treated equally and with respect, and are appropriately rewarded.
  • Maintain the Investors in People standard and thereby develop its people to maximise their full potential by the provision of suitable training and empowerment.
  • Encourage staff to develop their awareness and understanding of sustainability issues.

Sustainability issues are integrated into the core of our activities and management responsibility has been allocated to individuals both at Board level and throughout the business.  The Group is committed to promoting sustainable development and will maintain effective dialogue with its stakeholders in support of achieving this policy.

This Policy is reviewed regularly and supported by a number of issue specific policies and procedures. These policies and details of the Group's environmental targets can be viewed on the Group’s website at

Graham Cherry 

20th September 2013

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Information correct as at 29/10/2013