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6 January 1998

Charitable Donations
Donations to charitable organisations during the year were £7,491 (1996 - £1,918).

Creditors Payment Policy
The Group applies a prompt payment policy under which it agrees credit terms at the commencement of any trading relationship and thereafter pays creditors strictly within those terms.

At 30th September 1997 trade creditors represented an average of 23 days purchases (1996 - 23 days).

Close Company Status
In the opinion of the Directors, Countryside Properties Public Limited Company is not a close company as defined in the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988.

Environmental Policy
The Group aims to create developments of outstanding quality in an attractive and sensitive manner, to add real value to communities and to the environment.

In undertaking these operations, the Group's objective is to ensure that development is realised profitably, whilst in an environmentally sympathetic and responsible manner. This is achieved by the adoption and application of a corporate environmental policy and a commitment to regular auditing of company practice.

There are three elements of the Group's environmental policy:
    - It is feasible, practicable and evolutionary.
    - It encompasses the following policy areas:
Environmental Awareness, Planning Procedures, Landscape Design, Architectural & Urban Design,
Construction Process, Energy, Pollution, Waste, Purchasing Standards, Transport, Auditing.
    - It defines the principles and practices by which these policy elements are achieved and monitored.

The policy areas, the principles and practices relate to all aspects of the business undertaken by the Group

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Information correct as at 06/01/1998