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Countryside Teaches Schoolchildren Dangers Of Playing On Construction Sites

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7 July 2006


With major construction projects underway all over Stoke-on-Trent [1], Countryside Properties has been putting building site safety firmly on the agenda, through a campaign highlighting the dangers of playing on construction sites.

With a construction site less than half a mile away, Countryside Properties has been teaching pupils at John Baskeyfield Primary School in Burslem what the dangers of playing on building sites are, and asking them to take part in a poster competition to help promote site safety to other children.

With a little help from Bob the Builder, the schoolchildren from the ages of 6 up to 11 years old were told that although building sites may look exciting places to play, they can be extremely dangerous.

The children were also  asked to design posters highlighting what the dangers are, and encouraging children to play safely and stay away from building sites.

The seven competition winners were awarded prizes for their poster designs, with the posters displayed at the nearby construction site.

Countryside Properties’ Sales Director (Northern) Michaela Lancaster explained, “An average of 37 children per year are injured on construction sites in the UK [2]. As a major developer, we feel that it is vitally important to try to reduce this number of accidents if we can, and we feel that engaging with children to help them to understand what the dangers are, is the way to get the safety message across effectively.

“The children at John Baskeyfield Primary School have been very enthusiastic, and we have had a fantastic response to our competition. I look forward to seeing the winning designs, which will be displayed at the site of our new housing development, Sadlers Park in Burslem.”


Current projects include the creation of Countryside Properties' development Sadlers Park, the redevelopment of Hanley Bus Station, and the restructuring of the A500 road system

  Figures according to figures from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)
2003/2004 - 1 child was killed and 35 suffered injuries on construction sites.
2004/2005  - 39 children suffered injuries on construction sites.

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Information correct as at 07/07/2006