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Business Ethics

The Countryside Group of Companies (the Group) is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and professional conduct. Maintaining a culture of honesty, trust and integrity is vital to our success and we believe that all employees, and personnel under temporary/agency contracts ("Staff") should be expected to share in and contribute to this culture whilst benig responsible for their conduct.  Each of us should treat others, and be treated ourselves, with dignity and respect.

The Group believes that promoting a responsible and ethical working environment for its staff and those acting on its behalf, will lead to professionalism in all aspects of its business. The Group has controls in place to guide against unacceptable activities such as fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering. These controls are aligned with the guiding principles provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Ethical business practices, which the Group believes are vital to its success, are outlined in the Group’s Code of Conduct on Business Ethics (The Code). The Code, which every member of staff must follow, provides guidance on personal integrity, conduct, dignity and respect.

The Group expects all third parties with whom it has, or intends to have, a business relationship to adopt the same ethical standard as those adopted by the Group; be they clients, sub-contractors, suppliers, service providers or statutory bodies. The Group will request confirmation from third parties to ensure they have adopted their own Code of Ethics or similar policy which incorporates or is aligned with the ‘guiding principles’; or where appropriate, encourage them to develop and adopt their own policy.

Third parties instructed to act on the Group’s behalf will also be provided with copies of The Code together with the Group’s Giving and Accepting of Benefits Policy. The Group requires adherence with these documents, when acting on the Group’s behalf, and has systems in place to monitor such adherence.

The Group will not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour or financial impropriety and has both policies and guidance regarding notification and investigation of any such allegations. Firm and appropriate action will be taken should the investigation findings warrant it; including, where applicable, reporting and providing assistance to the Police, Serious Fraud Office, or other appropriate authority.


Ian Sutcliffe

Executive Chairman

October 2013


Information correct as at 23/04/2014